On stage

Age Kat & band
From power trio to 7 mans band……performing Age’s own material or accompanying vocalists or soloists. Very fast and flexible.

Off Stage

Acoustic duo with Monique vd Ster. All time favourites in combination with some songs of their own. Moving through the audience.

Hessel, Tess and Friends
Performing at the Oerol Festival every year. After a long career with a lot of albums Hessel is now supported by his daughter Tess. Her debut album was released in 2013.

Sunday Morning Jam Society
Ex Hangman Jury vocalist Bram Visser is a natural performer. A strong voice, a huge collection of own songs and lyrics to remember. Live they play with a 4 man band, performing a combination of own material and all time favourites.

Definite Option
Instrumental songs with David de Marez Oyens, Coen Molenaar and Mark Eshuis. Album ‘While you were sleepin’ has been released in 2014.

The Late Night Evening Prostitutes
The wonderful voice of Richard Beukelaer singing a selection of the most beautiful popsongs ever. And a lot of freedom for the band, using the song as a vehicle to go wherever they want to. Exciting concept.

Free lance guitar player
From Herman Brood to Metropole Orchestra….. shared the stage with many musicians and played many different styles of music. Much more to follow.