Age works with different setups to be able to provide any sound the situation needs. From high gain to sparkling clean and everything in between, it’s all there. These are the highlights:

Electric Guitars
Haar Classic S 2005 | Fender Stratocaster 1964 L serie | Gibson The Paul 1974 | Paul Reed Smith Bolt on | Washburn Nuno Bettencourt | Dikkenboer Stratocaster 1996 | Framus Jazz Guitar l Fender Road Worn Telecaster l Fender Strat Japan Maple l Epiphone 339

Age_studio_strat_gitaarAcoustic Guitars
Taylor 410 CE acoustic steel string | Seagull Cedar 12 string | Takamine EC 128 spanish guitar | Aria AK 65 spanish guitar l  Alhambra Crossover spanish guitar  l CVD Spanish delight l Yamaha FG 340 western

Other string instruments
Harley Benton banjo, Maykie mandolin, CVD Banjo

Amps & Combo’s
Fender Blues DeVille 410 | Lab L5 |  Vox Cambridge | Hughes & Kettner Silver Edition l Kemper Profiling Amp  l Wu Amp l Teardrop Tweed 62 l Tubeking Princeton

Age_Kemper_portraitRack Preamps
Rath the Preamp | Marshall JMP 1 | Groove Tubes Trio | Boss GP 100 l Kemper Profiling Amp

Power Amp
Mesa Boogie 290

TC Electronic G Force | Rocktron Intelliverb | Alesis Quadraverb | Real Mc Coy Picture Wah | Dod Envelope Filter | Boss ME-8 Multieffect l  Line 6 MM4 l TC Electronic Corus/ Flanger l T Rex Reptile delay l Empress Superdelay l Ebow l Strymon Timeline delay l Strymon Big Sky reverb l TC Talk box l Digitech Freqout
Stomp Boxes
Ibanez Tube Screamer | Tonebone Classic | T-Rex Mudhoney | Suhr Riot | Vox V 810 Overdrive | Boss DS 1 | Boss DS1 | Rat Distortion l Brunetti Mercury Box l MI Megalith Delta l Brunetti Taxi Drive l Friedman BE OD l HB American Sound l Boss compressor/ limiter l Arion chorus l TC chorus/ Flanger l TC chorus l E bow plus l

2 Mesa Boogie Celestion 112 | Marshall 1922 Speaker Cabinet Stereo | 2 Rath Amp 212 Speaker Cabinets l

Yamaha O2R mixing table

AKG Solid tube, Shure SM 57, Shure SM 58